Conference, Workshop/ Seminar, and Retreat Topics:


I have presented on these and other topics either in-person or online, and am available to speak to these and related topics.

  • Ecological Cultivation
  • Secrets of Sacred Healing
  • Sacred Healing Alchemy of Flowers
  • Backyard Nourishment: Finding Nourishment from our Land
  • Restorative Herbs and Foods
  • Nutrients in Edible Flowers
  • Win-Win Cultivation: Restorative Plants that are Good for Us and Good for the Planet
  • Key Foods and Herbs for Optimal Brain Health
  • Reliable, Restorative Harvests
  • Nutrients and Beneficial Compounds in Garden Crops
  • Top Flowers for Health and Ecological Benefit
  • Companion Planting: A Fresh Look
  • Flowers that Feed the Body and Soul
  • Top Herbs for Health and Ecological Benefit
  • The Alchemy of Healing with Flower Essences
  • Aromatherapy for Optimal Well-being
  • Mind-Body Health
  • The Emotions Behind Sub-optimal Well-being
  • and more!

For speaking inquiries, please write to   kindness [at] BackyardNourishment.com      [Please note:  the “[at]” should be replaced by “@”, as is customary in emails].