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Quotes from The Sacred Healing Alchemy of Flowers: Book 1 in the Sacred Nourishment Series: Working with Nature to Restore our Divine Blueprint and Optimize our Well-being, where the healing powers of more than 70 flowers are revealed.  Copyright.  All Rights Reserved.


DISCLAIMER:  Nothing herein should be taken as medical advice or a prescription or diagnosis in any form. 


Page 1:  “The legitimacy and integrity of Nature can help bring our soul more to the forefront of our existence, under which everything can improve.”

Page 2:  “Nature can help us expand our spiritual consciousness, advance our mental acuity, harmonize our emotions, and stimulate physical healing influences.”


Page 7:  “Flowers offer accelerated opportunities for evolutionary advancements, awakening higher properties in our spiritual consciousness that ultimately can be reflected as physical harmonization and restoration.”


Page 54:  “Cypress spurge … can help us appreciate the other side of the story and the perspective or viewpoint of others [and] can help illuminate the soul- and personal journey of each individual….”


Page 70:  “Our meta-physical digestion, or our ability to “take in” and “digest” experiences and information, parallels our physical digestion …  If we cannot properly process an experience—i.e., absorb, digest, and assimilate that which is advantageous and eliminate that which is not—we either do not benefit from the potentially nourishing aspects of the experience (lessons or newfound skills, for example) or, the energy of the experience can become stuck in our system, similar to the way undigested food does not properly nourish us and can burden our body until eliminated.  Another potential hazard is readily accepting something as truth when it might not actually be correct or, not reflective of our truth—this can be akin to ingesting junk food or food that might be suitable for others, but is not ideal for our constitution  …  In both examples, melancholy can potentially result, particularly if we repeatedly struggle with proper discernment and digestion.  Fortuitously, yellow cross-shaped flowers [such as cruciferous flowers] can help cleanse that which is unhelpful and restore optimal discernment and experiential acumen ….”


Page 87:  “Hardy geraniums can help us relieve frustration and stress from excessive effort and exertion that we feel is either unrewarding or, we felt was unrewarded.”


Page 90:  “Mallows can help soothe irritations and anger and bring grace and peace to our interactions with others….”


Page 92:  “These lovely, perennial plants [Oxalis] …  acknowledge past patterns we may have of extending and sharing love when times are easy and safe, yet withholding love during times of fear, intolerance, or uncertainty.  The beneficial energies of oxalis can encourage us to courageously love and cherish everything and everyone around ….”


Page 122:  “Mastery tip:  [re: Elderberry] …  The center pith of old elderberry stems and twigs is easily removed, creating a hollow tube with which we can fashion into flute-like instruments  …  Elder flowers and mature berries have also traditionally been used to thwart viruses, and elderberries can also be used to make a blue dye.”


Page 130  “… passionflower can also help us see with the eyes of love and sense with the lens of truth … we extend compassion and forgiveness readily, knowing that those that behave poorly have been wounded in some way.”


Page 132  “… most daisies … [have] center disks [that] contain tubular florets in sacred, spiraling patterns that activate codes in our system that support accelerated evolution and ascension as well as enhance our pineal gifts.”


Pages 158:  “Peonies can help cultivate self-appreciation, selfcompassion, self-forgiveness, self-trust, and self-love, which represent keys to the doorway of higher actualization …  If we feel we have lost ourselves entirely to fear or to anxiety or have abdicated some of our power to an addiction, peonies can help us reestablish trust in ourselves….”


Page 177-178  “Irises … are truly special plants that exude a regal wisdom …  can also confer additional benefits, including prompting the release of obstructions that can be toxic, such as feelings that may either be part of our awareness, or may be brewing below the radar as an undertow to our existence, such as frustration, resentment….”



For more information, including the healing properties of over 70 different flowers, please see The Sacred Healing Alchemy of Flowers: Book 1 in the Sacred Nourishment Series: Working with Nature to Restore our Divine Blueprint and Optimize our Well-being, available at most major booksellers.