Excerpt from The Sacred Healing Alchemy of Flowers: Book 1 of the Sacred Nourishment Series: Working with Nature to Restore our Divine Blueprint and Optimize our Well-being  [Copyright. All Rights Reserved]


DISCLAIMER:  Nothing herein should be taken as medical advice or a prescription or diagnosis in any form. 


While all natural flowers represent living, divine spirit and are devoted to the Earth, pansies (Viola wittrockiana) in particular, including wild pansies, also known as heartsease or Johnny jump-up (Viola tricolor), strongly emanate Earth vibrations.  Pansies then, can be exceptionally grounding and centering, offering serenity and peace while simultaneously emitting a buoyant and joyous energy, promoting increased awareness and enthusiasm.  Pansies can also sweetly yet noticeably, bolster our sense of worthiness.


Combined with their semi-round shape, prominent center “throat”, and presented in a variety of colors, pansies offer an assortment of healing opportunities.  Together, the five petals of pansy flowers tend to signify beneficial changes, quests, and freedom.  The bottom, centermost petal features a cleft and is often the most prominent petal, further emphasizing the centering aspect of pansies.  The velvety texture of wild pansies, which our eyes and brain do indeed recognize and comprehend, can soothe our nervous system and can inspire a sense of reassurance and comfort.  This reassurance combined with our heightened sense of worthiness can bolster our ability to ward-off unhelpful pathogens and pursue quests from a position of centeredness.


In pansies, two “wing” petals over three base petals characteristically border a center throat, forming a somewhat rounded, “friendly face”.  This happy and supportive shape can remind us that our emotions can lead us to truth and the desired lessons of our soul.  Sometimes we deny or suppress our feelings, either by intentional choice or as a result of past conditioning or modeling, such as witnessing a stoic elder withhold the expression of their emotions, or being encouraged not to display emotions ourselves.  Denying our true feelings though, can harbor disharmony and consume a great deal of energy that can sap our vitality.  When we love and accept our honest feelings however, that allows us to release resistance, process the emotion, and allow well-being to flow again.  We do not need todwell on something nor dramatize it; rather, as we simply honor our true feelings, we can then let them go and move onward, noticing and appreciating the blessings in the now.  Often, as we honor and process our emotions, we open our hearts, feeling increased ease and allowing cheerfulness to return.  Altogether, this heralds a “leveling up” in key aspects of acknowledging emotions and in increased awareness.


Mastery tip: When we are feeling uncomfortable emotions, we can bring them into our heart to allow soothing, elevated (heart-centered) wisdom to shine on the experience. 


Pansies can further encourage elevated communication and expression.  Communication here is bidirectional or two-way, meaning that our outward communication can be improved as can our ability to understand and respond to communication.  Communication is often considered to mean transmitting a message or concept, while expression can be considered a particular way of communicating a message or concept.  The content of communication and the manner of expression can make all the difference in the effectiveness or success of an exchange, and pansies can support optimal transmittal.  Communication can also take place internally, as in, the messages we are sending to our own cells about our experiences.  For example, have we mistakenly come to believe that everything we encounter is unsafe?  Have we mistakenly saddled others with our own responsibility of happiness or, have we erroneously come to believe that the journey and happiness of others are our own responsibility?  Pansies sweetly and faithfully remind us that autonomy and sovereignty are in the highest good of all souls.


Pansies bloom in a variety of colors, and their colors reveal further endowments.  Blue pansies for example, can foster contentment and composure, supporting improved communication and the speaking of one’s truth.  Golden-yellow pansies can promote deep centering that allows for the receipt and application of stellar wisdom.  When we encounter upper, wing petals that are a different color than the lower, base petals (two-tone pansies), or when we encounter tricolor flowers, manifold gifts are available.  As one example, there are multifold and bidirectional benefits of engaging with flowers that feature purple overtop yellow: as we keep our compass set to true north—i.e., our divine ideals and inheritance—life is far easier to digest, and as we seek to digest life from a higher perspective, our spiritual nature can soar.  We are each invited to investigate and experience the gifts of multiple colors. 


Just as the entity is moved as it observes color in a pansy, finding the divine in color, in harmony, in tone, in music – as if it were the voice of the spheres. – Edgar Cayce [Reading 3706-2]


Mastery tips: The flowers of Viola tricolor and Viola wittrockiana are edible, and tasting them can confer beneficial phytonutrients and help reinforce the beneficial properties of these flowers.  Tasting the petals of bright orange pansies in particular can spark a noticeable sense of joy.  The fragrance of Viola tricolor can inspire a sense of ease and transcendent awareness.

For more information, including the healing properties of over 70 different flowers, please see The Sacred Healing Alchemy of Flowers: Book 1 in the Sacred Nourishment Series: Working with Nature to Restore our Divine Blueprint and Optimize our Well-being, available at most major booksellers.