Hi there!

As an ambassador for the Earth, for Nature, and for peace, I am devoted to our collective well-being.  I am an advocate for gentle and natural healing methods and for ecological cultivation.  Valuing the Earth, I have grown a wide variety of foods, herbs and flowers for many years, experimenting with extensive variety as well as planting methods and combinations to optimize the health of the plants and animals, as well as the environment and ourselves.


I also have many years of experience teaching a range of college courses and seminars in health and wellness.  In addition, I am an experienced conference presenter on the benefits of ecological gardening & farming and natural well-being, as well as on obtaining nourishment from our land.  I have also taught at holistic schools on various aspects of holistic and integrative health.  Through writing and speaking engagements, I highlight ecological and cooperative cultivation, conservation, and natural healing options.


Combining the vocations, I have been helping people understand the value of food, herbs, and flowers to their farm, garden, and well-being, and the processes and benefits of growing them ecologically.  I share truths of divine healing and working in concert with Nature, and I am dedicated to understanding the multi-level entirety of how to restore optimal well-being to All.