Chapter 1

Chapter 1 from The Sacred Healing Alchemy of Flowers: Book 1 of the Sacred Nourishment Series: Working with Nature to Restore our Divine Blueprint and Optimize our Well-being  [Copyright. All Rights Reserved]

DISCLAIMER:  Nothing herein should be taken as medical advice or a prescription or diagnosis in any form.

Our minds, as well as our bodies, have need of the out-of-doors. Our spirits, too, need simple things, elemental things, the sun and the wind and the rain, moonlight and starlight, sunrise and mist and mossy forest trails, the perfumes of dawn and the smell of fresh-turned earth and the ancient music of wind among the trees. – Edwin Way Teale

There is an innate healing power across Nature, and spending time in her midst can offer possibilities for deep and profound healing.  The healing power inherent in Nature is as inspiring as it is patient and true, and opportunities for healing across Nature are wonderfully extensive: being amongst plants and trees; listening to birds; basking in the beneficial rays of the Sun; breathing fresh air; appreciating blue skies, green foliage and flowers; watching butterflies, dragonflies, and bees; and interrelating with benevolent energies—all of these offer true therapeutic opportunities.

The magnificent design of Nature is glorious and awe-inspiring: captured by photographers and artists, studied by scientists and researchers, contemplated by seekers, and understood and honored by mystics.  The legitimacy and integrity of Nature can help bring our soul more to the forefront of our existence, under which everything can improve.  The benefits and blessings we can receive while being in Nature extend beyond what we experience with our five senses: Nature is a sacred space coded with divine truths, and is ideal for supporting evolvement of our awareness and reaching our highest potential.  What we receive in revelation can expand our inner horizons and extend our understanding of the Divine.  And when we pursue an ecological embrace with Nature, we establish a sacred relationship that can open a door to experience deep healings that are transformative.

When we enter nature’s sanctuaries, our own auras are magnetically recharged in these reservoirs of energy. – Flower A. Newhouse

Nature can help us expand our spiritual consciousness, advance our mental acuity, harmonize our emotions, and stimulate physical healing influences.  Many people are in need of healing and of peace, and are seeking a deeper, yet more natural and gentle manner of healing.  Fortunately, remarkable, high-quality therapies are tenderly offered in and by Nature.  Nature can also help us heal our mind of the notions of scarcity and lack that are in defiance of spiritual truths.  Nurturing the harmony of our inner being is not only worthwhile, it is essential for cultivating a thriving environment. 

Paramahansa Yogananda shared: “after acquiring inward treasure, you will find that outward supply is always forthcoming.”


Sometimes, we do not know the true root cause of our discomfort or disease, or why we feel unsettled, and at times, we are not sure how to move forward.  Now and then, we medicate a crisis that in reality calls for spiritual direction that if embraced, could yield an opportunity for transformation.  When we lose our way or need a prod in the right direction, Nature can provide guidance and can relay in a moment what could not be expressed in a thousand words.  In the arms of Nature, we are important; we are recognized; and we are loved.

Happily, Nature can:

  • soothe distress and help soothe lack of ease, or dis-ease
  • help us identify our true needs
  • help optimize our feelings of self worth and help us realize the true lightness of our being

Well-being is the normal inclination of Nature, and healing and achievement are the natural order of all living things.  The character of Nature is one of balance, restoration, and regeneration.  This underlying essence ensures widespread variety of responsibility across the elements and across plants and animals.  Each natural event and each animal and plant have a function interwoven into Nature’s overall plan.  Appreciating this universal truth and the wisdom of Nature can yield widespread revelations.

… the closer associations with nature, nature’s storehouse, and to the God of nature that is within and may manifest in self, will bring an awakening. – Edgar Cayce [Reading 2986-1]

For more information, including the healing properties of over 70 different flowers, please see The Sacred Healing Alchemy of Flowers: Book 1 in the Sacred Nourishment Series: Working with Nature to Restore our Divine Blueprint and Optimize our Well-being, available at most major booksellers.