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May 17, 2024


Three Quick Methods …


Nothing herein nor in any related content, post, broadcast, or blog should be taken as medical advice nor as a diagnosis or prescription in any form.


Three quick methods for raising our light levels and helping support our ascension, our elevation, and our well-being, include:


Tapping into our Heart

Our hearts remain consistently, higher-dimensionally focused, even when we have experienced trials and strife, and regardless of what is happening in our lives.  Our hearts retain the knowing of the fullness of who we are, and can shine love and light onto any situation or onto unhelpful thoughts or beliefs.  Our hearts can infuse those things we are ready to let go of into higher light and love, to shift and transform them into a more-elevated state.  If you are not used to tapping into your heart, putting one or both hands on your heart can help, as can breathing into your heart.  We can also allow challenging thoughts or memories to drop lightly into our hearts for transmutation into an elevated state.


Breathing in Light and Love

Our breath is the movement of spirit through matter, and we can inhale light and love and support – into our lungs certainly – but also, into all parts and sides of our bodies and energy fields.  And, we can exhale light and love and support to others, also from all parts and sides of our bodies and energy fields.  We CAN receive as well as shine light and love.  Now, bringing in these high frequencies can sometimes, leave one feeling light-headed.  As such, it is not recommended to do this while driving or operating heavy machinery.  If you feel light-headed or “woozy”, you can ground your energies by walking barefoot on the Earth, or by touching a tree, or by imagining roots growing from your feet into the Earth, or even just by placing both hands on your thighs. 


Expanding our Circle

In this technique, we can imagine if we wish, that we are standing in the center of a circle, and on the outside edge of the circle, is an attribute we seek.  Perhaps continuous clarity … perhaps peace … whatever attribute we want to embody.  And as we see that attribute or those attributes on the outside edge of the circle, then, we redraw the circle a bit larger to now encompass and include those attributes in our circle – now in our field.  Those attributes become our qualities. And this is more than symbolic – it is an expression of our choice to intentionally align with higher attributes that can have real and wonderful results.  Here, we acknowledge and claim our power as the ones in authority to continually improve.  I would like to credit Paul Selig for this technique.


I hope you find these helpful.  As always, I wish you the absolute best!